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Rotorua - What To Do And Places To Visit

Rotorua is a famous tourist attraction rich in volcanic geysers, hot water beaches and hot mud springs. Additionally, it is the birthplace of the ridiculously fun new trend of zorbing. Created in 1960s and developed in 1990s, Zorbing has spread to other lands like Argentina, Chile, Australia and England.

The smelly geysers and hot mud springs makes Rotorua a geothermal delight. The volcanic activities beneath the springs and lakes in this land are responsible for boiling the water below the surface. As a result, the water gets so hot that it bursts out and erupts steam and hot water.

This town is the home of Kuirau Park- full of mud pools, Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland- with variety of pools and geysers, and Hell's Gate-rich in hot springs. Gardens such as the Government Gardens, museums and spas like Polynesian Spa on Hinemoa Street are also great places to visit here. For the lovers of mountain biking, Redwoods or Whakarewarewa Forest is a place to have bike trails.

Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier- Remarkable Sight to Behold on the West Coast of the South New Zealand Island

The Franz Josef Glacier is indeed a sight to behold. The “Home of Glaciers” hosts an incredible site. Situated in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, plunging from the well-known Southern Alps to less than 980ft above sea level, is the Franz Josef Glacier, measuring approximately 12km long. It is positioned amongst the beautiful scenery of fruitful temperate rainforest and accompanied in inimitability with the Fox Glacier. The Waiho River develops from the terminal of Franz Josef and makes it way to the Pacific Ocean.

How it advanced After the Medieval Warm Period, also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum, a period of coolness, referred to as the Little Ice Age, arose. It was at that time that the Franz Josef Glacier had advanced tremendously and reached its maximum. Now, it can even be observed that the density of fallen snow from the neighbouring mountains, enables the glacier to reach its full potential. After all, without enough snow, there wouldn’t be enough ice.

The story behind it all

A story to be told is the one about this very glacier. Yes, believe it or not, there is a story behind it all. Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere, is the Maori name for the Franz Josef Glacier, which translated would be read 'The tears of Hinehukatere’. As according to the legend of the Makaawhio( locals of Maori and sub tribe of Nga Tahu) Hinehukatere was a young woman who valued nature and resented fear. She had loved climbing the mountains, and as a result of this, persuaded her lover, Wawe, to climb with her one day, not mindful of the fact that he was less experienced in climbing. But love has no bounds. Regardless of his inexperience, Wawe loved to accompany her. Then it happened. One day an avalanche appeared, sweeping Wawe from the company of his lover on the peaks, to his death, where it was believed that the Fox Glacier was his final resting place. Of course, broken- hearted, Hinehukatere cried from the depths of her heart, and her many tears flowed down the mountain. It was said that the gods, looking down at her in pity, froze her tears in the river of ice that formed the glacier, in memory of the grief she bore.


The glacier, though is home to a romantic tragedy as according to legends, is not all sad and…remorseful, as it is truly a sight to behold. It is open to any nature lover, peace and tranquillity lover, or any glider lover. While visiting, guests can actually make contact with the glacier just by taking a guided ice walk or even a heli- hike ride. Visitors may partake in visiting any of the number of natural attractions located nearby the Franz Josef Glacier Village, and even do Aerial sightseeing. Not to forget, the waterfalls, rainforests and lakes are there for you to indulge your mind in even the very thought of their beauty and ambience.

The Franz Josef Glacier, indeed a sight to behold in the country “home to glaciers”, New Zealand. It’s waiting for you.

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